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Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #10 A Heart to Heart with Father Michael Mannion (Father Mike) of Discovery Ministries, Inc.

November 17, 2021 Lisa Graham Season 2 Episode 10
Tell Me
Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #10 A Heart to Heart with Father Michael Mannion (Father Mike) of Discovery Ministries, Inc.
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I truly love what I do.   As I always say, everyone has a story, and I believe there is much to learn from one another.

Anyone who knows me knows my faith is very important to me.   That's why when I got the opportunity to interview Monsignor Michael Mannion, aka Father Mike, I jumped right in.  In addition to being the Chaplain for the NJ Fraternal Order of Police and working with other branches of law enforcement including the FBI,  he also ministers to veterans, parents who have lost their children to murder or addiction, and his retreat program is home to many who have felt they have simply lost their way.
When you are in the presence of this man, you truly feel like you are in the presence of something so much larger than yourself.  Call it God, call it spirit, call it the best of what humanity has to offer.   It is no wonder or surprise that he enjoyed a deep spiritual relationship with one of the most beloved mothers that has ever walked the earth, Mother Teresa.

But don't let the gentle nature of his demeanor fool you.  In this quiet strength, and maybe sometimes not so quiet when he's fighting for a cause he believes in, he has singlehandedly impacted the lives of millions of people.  Young and old, from all backgrounds and faiths, he has made a significant life changing and in many cases, life saving difference, in the lives of people from all over the world.

Founder of Discovery House in Hammonton, NJ, The Discovery Ministries Retreat program was founded in 1974.   Since then over 30,000 youth, young adults, and family members have participated in spiritual retreats that have helped participants grow, pursue their dreams, and develop their God-given talents and gifts. To say that these experiences have included a few miracles of hope and healing is an understatement!

Discovery Ministries now also provides social, recreational, and spiritual opportunities for families with chronically ill children, handicapped children, or special needs children. Discovery House thus serves as a “home away from home” for families who deserve our special care and attention and who honor us with their presence.

Located in the beautiful pinelands of South Jersey (3730 Richards Ave, Mullica Township, NJ 08037) near Hammonton, the newly renovated and expanded Discovery House also hosts workshops, conferences, meetings, and training sessions sponsored by church and community groups, service and educational organizations.

For more information about Discovery House and its programs through Discovery Ministries, visit their website is or click on the link below:

You can also reach out directly to Father Mike via e-mail at:

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Finally, a heartfelt thank you goes out to Liam Graham and Anna Yanessa for providing the musical soundtrack for our show.

See you on the path!!

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