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Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #4 Kidpreneur Asil Greer: Reading Is My Superpower!

May 02, 2021 Lisa Graham Season 2 Episode 4
Tell Me
Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #4 Kidpreneur Asil Greer: Reading Is My Superpower!
Show Notes

We talk about the "Power of One" (PO1) influence in our lives and how it can change one life or many.  This couldn't be more evident than in the Greer Family.

Asil Greer is an 8-year-old actor, model, and kidpreneur from Philadelphia, PA. He presently attends Lotus Academy and is in the second grade and is the founder/author of I Can Read, So I Can Lead, an organization encouraging children to adults to read so that one day they can lead.

 Meet PO1 person Dr. Jerry Goldstein, Asil's pediatrician at St. Christopher's Children's Hospital.  Learn how Asil's journey of his love for reading started when he received his very first book I Love My Mommy from Dr. Goldstein through the Reach Out and Read Greater Philadelphia (RORGP) Program.  RORGP is an affiliate of the national nonprofit organization which incorporates books into pediatric care visits.
Fast forward five years when another PO1 (power of one) MOMENT occurred as Asil was reading his favorite Dr. Seuss book while at his mama's place of work.

These moments are what I call our " INSPIRATION DATES" -  moments, if we pay attention to them, which can ultimately change our lives as we discover our purpose and find our voice.

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Love you all and SEE YOU ON THE PATH!

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