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Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #1 Finding The Calm in Your Chaos with Ruth Weisberg

March 18, 2021 Lisa Graham Season 2 Episode 1
Tell Me
Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #1 Finding The Calm in Your Chaos with Ruth Weisberg
Show Notes

Welcome to Season #2!

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My goal for this season is to focus on the Power of One and the importance of imagination and creativity in our lives, no matter our age.

In this episode, we walk with Ruth Weisberg, a true Renaissance woman.  In addition to being an art model, a roving storyteller, and a keynote speaker, Ruth's approach to life is pretty simple.  She says, "My philosophy is to show up, look up and speak up.  When YOU are PRESENT, and you watch where you walk, that's where you meet the greatest people and the greatest teachers and have the most profound experiences."

She would love to hear from you and can be reached at  Note: Ruth cannot receive any e-mails from a Gmail account. 

See you on the path!

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