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Tell Me Episode #13: World Orphans with Danielle Vuke: How Finding Your Passion Can Change the World

November 09, 2020 Lisa Graham Season 1 Episode 13
Tell Me
Tell Me Episode #13: World Orphans with Danielle Vuke: How Finding Your Passion Can Change the World
Show Notes

I dedicate this episode to the late great Sir Ken Robinson, an educator whose 2006 TED Talk on encouraging creativity in students was viewed more times than any other TED Talk in history.  The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything  was one of his many best-selling books.   According to Robinson, "The Element is where natural talents meet personal passions. To be in your Element, it's not enough to be doing something you're good at... To be in your Element you have to love it: if you do, you'll never 'work' again."

I can think of no better real-life example of this than through the passion and work of my recent guest Danielle Vuke, Event Coordinator of World Orphans.  Danielle says, "I think the most fascinating thing about a person is their story. I love the fact that God is continuously writing our stories through adventure, pain, discovery, relationships, and awareness."

Walk with us as she takes us on  her powerful journey from being bullied as a young child; leaning into her faith to push through it;  the guidance and support she received from her dad encouraging her to always "keep her heart soft for the Lord"; the empathy and forgiveness she developed as a result  and the resilience she gained from staying true to her faith and pushing through to the other side.   

While seemingly having it all in a fast -paced professional career, Danielle knew something was still missing.   Learn how two chance encounter opportunities with World Orphans brought her to the beautiful crossroad in life where her talents of photojournalism met up with her passion and love for children.   It was there at the crossroad she was able to find her life's true purpose through partnering with World Orphans.
And she's never looked back.

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