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Tell Me: Episode #9 Get Up! With Marc Hayford

July 20, 2020 Lisa Graham Season 1 Episode 9
Tell Me
Tell Me: Episode #9 Get Up! With Marc Hayford
Show Notes

Marc Hayford is a two time best selling author, inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur. 

His mission statement is to showcase a higher vision of not what is probable, but what is possible. Marc is a veteran of the US armed forces, a former professional wrestling referee, and a current DJ for his own company, as well as a head football coach for middle school. He has been featured on many platforms including radio, podcasts and television for his books “Get Up”: Encouraging You To Attack Life (which rose to #1 on the Amazon Best Seller List within 4 hours) and “365 Days Of Encouraging You To Attack Life”which  gives you a daily shot of inspiration, focus, discipline and motivation for each day of the year.

His latest book, "Light Up the Darkness", was inspired by the choke hold that 2020 seemed to place on the state of the world. This book seeks to help the reader fight back from any and all adversity and engage with a blueprint of success that can be used in all aspects of life. The attributes or "keys" are served in a very current, practical way designed to help you win not just in dark times, but all times. 

Perspective, perception, mindset & positivity is the focus. We give ourselves false self limitations. Marc’s goal is to always have an audience leave with more hope, value and inspiration than when they first arrived. Attitude is everything, perspective is powerful, and he shares his with the universe.

Marc and I share the belief that the Power of One is the ability to believe that YOU are enough to change the trajectory of your own life, as well as the lives of others, for the better.  Follow Marc on Twitter @hayford_marc, on his website at, and on Instagram @marchhayford.

As Marc inspires others to become their own cheerleader, he throws out the challenge: "You can't BE it if you can't SEE it!"
See YOU on the path!

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