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Tell Me: Episode #7 Cass Forkin, Founder of Twilight Wish: Say Yes To The Moment

June 01, 2020 Lisa Graham / Cass Forkin Season 1 Episode 7
Tell Me
Tell Me: Episode #7 Cass Forkin, Founder of Twilight Wish: Say Yes To The Moment
Show Notes

From surviving a hit and run at the tender age of 9, to being on the receiving end of a life-changing extraordinary act of kindness from a stranger at the age of 12, Cass Forkin understands the value and importance of what it means to "say YES to the moment!”
I invite you to take a walk with Cass and I  as she shares her deeply spiritual journey in a light-hearted, fun and animated manner.  She is an inspirational thought leader, a mystic, a pray-er, an MBA business executive, Vice President of AEONRG, LLC, a multimillion business started by Cass and her husband, Bill Belknap, in 2012. Cass is also the founder of a national nonprofit, Twilight Wish Foundationn, granting over 3,300 wishes since 2003 to older persons in need. She is a global humanitarian and a philanthropist championing great causes.

Cass has the rare mix of being both a passionate visionary and a business person who gets things done. She has education, experience and the drive it takes to make a vision a reality. Cass is a national speaker on topics of business and spirituality and is authoring a trilogy based on the past decade of adventures crossing the world to follow a calling. Cass’s dream is to be an international best seller of books on spirituality while living an authentic life.

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